Cold Beverages

Feggoccino Low Fat Frosted CinoChocolate / Hazelnut / Vanilla / Rooibos
Smoothies Mango / Tropical or Berry
Chai Cino
Iced Coffee
Milkshakes Chocolate / Strawberry / Vanilla / Lime / Bubblegum / Milo
Frullato Fresh Fruit Juice with Vanilla Ice Cream
Bitter,  Imported Non Alcoholic Aperitiv
Fresh Juice Orange / Mango / Cranberry / Strawberry / Cocktail / Pineapple
Orang-Soda / Lemon-Soda
Yoga Imported Juice 125ml Pear
Mineral Water 500ml / 1 liter
Tizers Appletizer / Grapetizer
Bos Ice Tea Peach / Lemon / Berry
Cordial and Mixer
Rock Shandy
Local Beer: Castle Lite, Castle Large, Black Label, Hansa Pilsner, Flying Fish (Orange / Lemon)
Millers, Peroni
Imported Beers: Pilsner Urquell, Grolsch – 330ml,

Berne, Breast of the Deep, Brewers & Union Unfiltered, Brewers & Union Unfiltered Dark, Handwork IPA, Stephweiss,
Cider Brutal Fruit, Redd’s, Saritta, Redd’s
Peroni on Tap 340ml/500ml
Vino by the glass Sauvignon Blanc / Merlot see wine list

Hot Beverages

Filter Coffee
Espresso Single
Espresso Single with Hot Milk on side
Espresso Double with Hot Milk on side
Espresso Coretto with Grappa or Ammaretto
Double Macchiato
Decaf Cappuccino
Cafe Latte
Hot Chocolate / Milo / Horlicks
Ceylon or rooibos Tea
Choice of Herbal Tea
Rooibos Espresso
Rooibos Macchiato
Rooibos Cappuccino

Coffees with a Difference

Don Pedro Irish whiskey / Kahlua Coffee / Brandy Coffee
Irish Coffee Irish whiskey / Kahlua Coffee / Brandy Coffee