Parma Ham and Roquette Salad: parma ham surrounded by a caprese salad topped with avocado & 4 toasted bruschette topped with roquette, sundried tomatoes & Parmesan shavings
Parmesan Roquette Salad: roquette topped with olives, onion, carrots, cherry tomatoes, Parmesan shavings & drizzled with olive oil
Tapas: toasted foccacia accompanied by 4 dips: humus, tzatziki, creamy Peppadew® & black olive tapenade
Assorted Bruschette: 6 toasted bruschette with 3 different toppings: 2 tomato & onion salsa; 2 sundried tomato, roquette & Parmesan shavings & 2 smoked salmon, cream cheese & artichoke hearts
Prawn & Halloumi Starter: 4 tempura prawns in a sesame seed batter & 4 strips of grilled halloumi on a bed of roquette topped with sweet chilli dressing
Salmon Salad: 220g of salmon encrusted in sesame seed cut into strips on a bed of roquette, olives, cherry tomatoes, onions, cucumber & avocado (seasonal) with a yoghurt and wasabi dressing
Prawns in Chocolate: prawns done in white wine, chilli & lemongrass and drizzled with chocolate sauce
Mussels with Lemongrass: Find out for yourself!
Salmon Crepes: crepe filled with chunky cottage cheese, smoked salmon, creamy Peppadew®, dill, avocado (seasonal) & lemon juice topped with a lumpfish caviar
Soup of the Day: depending on the day, a choice of lentil, minestrone or chickpea soup
Oysters: 6 medium Luderitz topped with a ginger, lemongrass, soya & lime salsa
Chicken Livers: done in a napolitana sauce, with peppers onion sauce & a touch of chilli
Springbok Carpaccio: thin slices of springbok carpaccio topped with mushrooms, fennel, parmesan shavings, lemon juice & extra virgin olive oil
Caesar Salad: bacon, croutons, parmesan shavings, eggs & anchovies
Caprese Salad: sliced mozzarella, fresh tomato, avocado (seasonal), drizzled with basil pesto & olive oil
Calamari Starter: deep fried or grilled with sesame seed & mustard and sweet chilli dressing
Phyllo Chicken Parcels: chicken, mushroom, camembert cheese & white wine wrapped in phyllo pastry, accompanied by parma ham & roquette on the side, topped with a shiraz reduction


(Available with penne, linguine, spaghetti, fusilli, fettuccine, gnocchi or gluten free pasta)

- Seafood Pasta

Salmon Ronelle: filled pasta with peppadews® & feta with a salmon trout, flambéed in vodka with a tomato & cream base sauce topped fresh dill
Crab & Roquette: white wine cream sauce with Alaskan crab, sliced olives, whole peeled cherry tomatoes topped with roquette & roasted almonds
Prawn & Rocket: prawns tails in a napolitana & white wine sauce with a touch of chilli and garlic, topped with fresh rocket
Mare: mussels, prawns & calamari with a hint of chilli, garlic in a white wine & napolitana sauce
Pappadelle Alla Gina: prawns tails & asparagus done in chilli, red onion, garlic all done in white wine, butter & cream
Shrimp & Asparagus: pasta filled with shrimp, asparagus topped with napolitana & cream sauce

Calamari Alio Olio: grilled calamari tubes done in olive oil & garlic

- Vegetarian Pasta

Napolitana: tomato based sauce with herbs
Arabiatta: napolitana sauce with a touch of chilli
Pesto: fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts, olive oil & parmesan cheese
Avo Rock: avocado (seasonal), roquette, sundried tomatoes, rabiola in a cream & napolitana sauce topped with fresh roquette, parmesan shavings & roasted almonds
Gnocchi Four Cheese: mascarpone, feta, parmesan & gorgonzola cheese in a napolitana & cream sauce topped with roasted almonds
Cuore: sundried tomatoes & artichoke hearts in napolitana sauce with a touch of cream & pesto
Carbonata: brinjals, patty pans, peppers & olives in a napolitana sauce
Primavera: baby marrows, artichoke hearts & peppers in a napolitana sauce
Gnocchi Mushroom & Truffle: assorted wild mushrooms in a creamy pesto sauce drizzled with truffle oil
Pansotti Aurora: pumpkin or spinach & feta pasta parcels topped with a napolitana & cream sauce
Pansotti Sage: pumpkin filled pasta topped with cream & sage butter

- Meat Pasta

Filleto: strips of fillet, black olives & roasted peppers, flambéed with brandy in a plum tomato sauce
Vitello: tender strips of veal with brown onions, marsala & cream
St Andrea: strips of veal done with a touch of rosemary, chilli, garlic topped with napolitana sauce & cream
Bolognese: lean beef mince & plum tomato
Mafiosa: pasta filled with mince, topped with a bolognese sauce with a hint of cream & chilli
Chourico: sliced chourico sausage flambéed in grappa with brinjals in a napolitana & cream sauce
Prosciutto: parma ham, sundried tomatoes & basil in a creamy napolitana sauce
La Nonna: italian pork sausage marinated with red wine, bay leaves, fresh low-fat ricotta, a touch of cream & flavoured with chilli
Luganica: italian minced pork sausage done in red wine, tomatoes, cream & a touch of chilli
Lamb: strips of tender lamb, basil pesto, garlic and mint in a napolitana & cream sauce
Chicken & Mushroom: strips of chicken, black mushrooms, basil pesto in a creamy napolitana sauce with a touch of chilli
Chicken Peppadew®: strips of chicken with peppadews®, cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, brown onions & feta in a cream-based sauce
Oxtail Ravioli: pasta filled with oxtail, garlic and chilli topped with mince & a creamy napolitana sauce


(All mains come with a side options – french fries, mashed potato, vegetables, rice or a side salad)
Scottish Salmon: 220g salmon fillet encrusted in sesame seed with a yoghurt & wasabi dressing
King Tiger Prawns: 8 king tiger prawns done in a white wine, lemongrass, chilli & garlic sauce
Grilled Calamari: done in lemon juice, butter & garlic sauce with a hint of chilli
Rump Balsamic: 300g rump steak topped with a balsamic reduction, sweet chilli, soya & garlic
Rib Eye Balsamic: 300g rib eye steak topped with a balsamic reduction, sweet chilli, soya and garlic
Fillet Porcini: 250g fillet topped with porcini mushrooms done in a cream reduced brandy & Dijon mustard sauce
Pork Ribs: option of 500g or 1kg done in a honey & barbecue basting
T-Bone Steak: 600g of pure beef topped with our homemade basting sauce
Lamb Chops: 3loin chops in a portion lightly basted & topped with rosemary and a home-style gravy
Lamb Rack: falls off the bone in a home-style gravy
Veal a la Grilla: 2 plain grilled veal escalope
Veal Limone: 2 escalope of veal topped with lemon butter, white wine marsala, lemon juice & flat leaf parsley
Veal Pizzauolla: 2 escalope topped with napolitana sauce & black olives
Veal Gorgonzola: 2 escalope topped with emmentala & gorgonzola cheese, napolitana sauce & cream
Plum & Shiraz Duck: sliced duck breast done in a plum sauce on a bed of mash, broccoli & baby spinach, all topped with sprouts, pomegranates, sesame seeds & a Shiraz reduction


Assorted Cakes
Choice from the cake display

Panna Cotta
Crème Brulee
Belgium Mousse Cake
Chocolate Chilli Tart
Hummingbird Cake
Apple Crumble
Lemon Meringue
Chocolate Oreo Peanut Butter Cupcake
Turkish Delight Brownies
Gourmet Ice-cream
Assorted cheese platter: camembert, blue brie, green fig brie & Cape chilli brie, served with honey, almond & liquid shiraz reduction
Half assorted cheese platter: choice of 2 of above cheeses served with honey, almond & liquid shiraz reduction