Plain croissant: served with butter & preserves
Scones: served with jam & a choice of cheese or cream

Filled Croissants

Smoked salmon trout, mascarpone, avo (seasonal) topped with caviar & rocket
Fresh mozzarella, tomato & basil
Parma ham, rocket, brie cheese & basil pesto
Scrambled eggs & bacon
Grilled halloumi, tomato & avo (seasonal)
Mince & scrambled eggs
Mixed grilled veg, emmenthal cheese & scrambled eggs
Scrambled eggs, spinach, feta & bacon
Chocolate, fried banana & mascarpone
Ham, cheese, rocket topped with fried egg
French toasted croissant, fried banana, bacon with maple syrup

Healthy Breakfasts

Health breakfast: toasted muesli, fruit salad, low fat yoghurt & honey
Oats: Jungle Oats with sliced banana, roasted almonds, honey & low fat milk
Sunrise: toasted muesli, low fat yoghurt, berries & honey layered in a glass
Lazy oats: Jungle Oats with whiskey roasted almonds, banana, honey & milk
Mr Detox: fruit salad, plain yoghurt topped with honey, in a glass
Mrs Detox: sliced pawpaw & yoghurt topped with honey
French connection: fried toast with mascarpone, fried banana & maple syrup
Mr Frenchie: French toast, bacon & maple syrup
Anchovies on toast with sliced tomato & gherkins
Anchovies on toast
Toast with marmite & gouda cheese

Egg Breakfast

Mini breakfast: one egg, bacon, grilled tomato & toast
Piccolo breakfast: one egg, grilled tomato, mushrooms, sausage, bacon & toast
Bon Giorno: two eggs, bacon, grilled tomato & toast
Grande: two eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, beef sausage & toast
Piu grande: two eggs, bacon, grilled tomato, beef sausage, mini steak, grilled halloumi & toast
Giardino: two eggs, grilled halloumi, mushrooms, grilled tomato & toast


Colin special: egg white omelette with strips of chicken tomato onion salsa
Greg special: egg white omelette with mince, tomato, grated mozzarella & avo (seasonal)
Lloyd special: egg white omelette with ham, mozzarella, sliced tomato, black olives & avo (seasonal)
La Zia Pina: ham, cheese & tomato
Kevin Special: egg omelette with smoked salmon trout, avo (seasonal) & capers
Paganni: grilled veg with tomato salsa & mozzarella


Sorrento: peppers, onions, tomato, topped with feta
Veggie: artichokes, asparagus, sundried tomato frittata topped with parmesan shavings
Chourizo: Chourizo frittata with roasted peppers, long stem broccoli & ricotta
Polpettini: beef meat balls frittat with fresh basil, plum tomato & mozzarella
La Nonna: open frittata with onions, baby marrows, mushrooms & topped with parmesan shavings

Breakfast with a Difference

Pagliaccio: scrambled eggs, feta cheese, chopped tomato, roasted peppers, avo (seasonal), served on toasted health bread
Gary special: two slices of rye toast topped with melted mozzarella, sliced tomato & avo (seasonal)
Ray special: two slices of rye toast topped with melted mozzarella, sliced tomato, bacon & avo (seasonal)
Nic special: two slices of rye toast with emmenthal cheese, sliced tomato, turkey breast & topped with two poached eggs
La Toscana: poached eggs on a bed of savoury mince with mushrooms & avo (seasonal) served with toast
Marino: scrambled eggs, tomato, peppadews, smoked salmon trout, cream cheese served on a bagel
Al Capone stack: stacked flapjacks with maple syrup, mascarpone cheese & bacon
Fat Albert’s flapjacks: chocolate or blueberry flapjacks made with maple syrup & served with ice-cream
Iron breakfast: chicken livers & scrambled eggs on rye toast
Alfresco breakfast: health bread with basil leaves, sliced tomato, poached eggs & grilled halloumi

Tra Mezzo

(All served with french fries)

Al formaggio: mozzarella
Di pollo: chicken, sweet chilli mayonnaise, sliced tomato, mozzarella & avo (seasonal)
Al spinach: spinach, feta cheese, bacon & olives
Di parma: parma ham, mozzarella, roasted peppers & rocket
Al parlemo: scrambled eggs, bacon & mozzarella
Al salami: salami, mozzarella, roasted peppers & olive pesto
Al proscuitto cotto: ham, mozzarella & sliced tomato

Toasted Sandwiched

(Additional charge for chips and/or salad)

Cheese & tomato
Cheese, tomato & mushrooms
Mince & cheese
Chicken mayo
Salami, cheese & olives
Bacon & egg
Bacon, egg & cheese
Bacon & banana
Ham, cheese & tomato
Spinach & feta
Spinach, feta & bacon
Turkey, cheese & avo (seasonal)